James Cameron Plans Hiroshima Movie Before Avatar 4

At the same time, Cameron wants his planned work to be understood as a statement on current developments such as the Ukraine war and growing nationalism: “We live in a world that is much more uncertain than one might think. That’s why I think this film about Hiroshima would be like that contemporary as seldom before. It should remind us what such weapons actually do as soon as they are used against humans.” Apparently he is alluding to the impending danger of an escalating conflict that could lead to the use of nuclear weapons by Russia.

Let’s hope that such a horrific scenario remains pure speculation and that by the time Cameron’s film came out, the Ukraine war had long since ended.

It is not yet clear for which year the previously untitled Hiroshima film is planned. However, since “Avatar 4” is scheduled for 2026, one could expect a release date in 2025.

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