Jamie Lee Curtis is Best Supporting Actress | Oscars 2023

The actress, daughter of the legendary Janet Leigh – and not Vivien Leigh, as Mário Augusto said on RTP1 – and Tony Curtis, star of halloweenwon the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Everything Everywhere at the Same Time, by duo Daniels. It is the second statuette of the night for the film.

In her acceptance speech, in addition to the directors, crew and family (which made the ceremony show us her husband, Christopher Guest), the actress thanked all the people who supported the “genre films” that she made throughout of years. “We just won together”. “I just won an Oscar,” she said in near tears after reminding her parents.

It was her first nomination and it’s her first Oscar (and almost certainly the first Oscar to go to an actress for a performance that involved having fingers made out of hot dog sausages).

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