Jamilzinho during a hearing at the 1st Criminal Court of Campo Grande.  (Photo: reproduction)

He would have convinced Paulo Xavier not to turn over the involvement of a former director of the DGPC in a gambling scheme

Jamilzinho during a hearing at the 1st Criminal Court of Campo Grande. (Photo: reproduction)

In new hearings for the Omertà operation, Jamil Name Filho used his short speaking time before the judge of the 1st Criminal Court of Campo Grande to accuse police officers and rebut allegations that the family led the “largest and oldest” criminal organization in the state. He “fell shooting”. He revealed that he had helped retired police chief Marcelo Vargas to “omit” his participation in gambling schemes and thus reach the position of general delegate of the Civil Police and Mato Grosso do Sul.

The speech to Judge Roberto Ferreira Filho, responsible for eleven lawsuits involving those investigated by Omertà, began with an apology for the tone used in past hearings, but without lingering too long, it entered the point of what the hearing was about: the alleged threats the attack on the delegate of Garras (Specialized Police Station for the Repression of Bank Robbery, Assaults and Kidnappings), Fábio Peró.

Counting on his fingers, Jamilzinho claims that four alleged attacks on the chief of police have already been reported and, in order to rebut the accusations he believes were made by Peró, he began to narrate an intimate relationship between the Name family and members of the public security of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Jamil cites several names who were in leadership positions within the police over the years in the state until reaching what he says is “novelty”: a visit by police chief Marcelo Vargas to his home. “Doctor Renê Siufi with the general director, until then only delegate Marcelo Vargas, went to my house, in the back, where my father is sitting, to talk to this Xavier”, he says about Paulo Xavier, who at the time , worked for the family, and years later, had his son executed by the gang in an attack that was for him.

In Jamilzinho’s version, the father explained that Captain Paulo Roberto Xavier was hired by his son and, therefore, it was with him that the lawyer should speak. That is what happened. He received the defender and the delegate and was soon surprised by the request for help. “I’m here with Marcelo, there will be an audience there at Gaeco’s Las Vegas operation and this guy who is working for you, Paulo Xavier, will testify and will end Marcelo’s life and Marcelo will not be able to take over the general directorate. Can you make him not say Marcelo’s name?”, would have said Siufi, according to Jamilzinho.

In 2009, the Las Vegas operation took 19 people to prison for involvement in slot machines and other games of chance in Campo Grande and Corumbá, including Paulo Xavier himself. Years later, the name of Marcelo Vargas appeared in a complaint as a “facilitator” of the machinery scheme in Mato Grosso do Sul after the arrest of Clayton Batista, in São Paulo.

At the time, Marcelo was president of Adepol-MS (Association of Delegates of Mato Grosso do Sul) and was investigated by the Civil Police Internal Affairs, but was acquitted. Already in this period, he was a strong candidate for the position of delegate general of Mato Grosso do Sul and, therefore, he was concerned with the name linked to the scandals of the slot machines.

During the hearing, Jamilzinho recalled that Marcelo asked Xavier not to even go to Gaeco. “Marcelo came closer and said: Renê, can’t you ask him not to go to the hearing”, he narrated.

Jamil Name then pledged to try, waited for the two men to leave the house and called Xavier, says his son. The conversation, says Jamilzinho, was calm. Under the pretext that Paul would earn much more silently, then, the two “signed” the agreement. Together, they called Renê Siufi to break the news, he says. “It’s guaranteed, the boy will not testify at Gaeco. You can tell Marcelo Vargas that if it depends on that, he’ll be the next director-general,” Jamilzinho repeated to the judge.

By “own will”, he says, Jamil took R$ 5,000 out of his pocket and gave it to Xavier, a way of thanking “the loyalty”.

“How does a delegate say that this organization, which he says is organization, is the biggest criminal organization and the oldest, if the delegate director-general, his head, goes there and asks for it. I only took on this position because I got it”, guarantees Jamilzinho.

Jamilzinho mentioned living with other superiors, such as police chief Pedro Espíndola de Camargo, who was previously director of the specialized police department.

“After the murder of Mr Paulo Xavier’s son, ten days later, Marcelo Vargas hit my house. Do you know what for? It was he and Dr. Pedro Espíndola, head of the specialized police station, of all the specialized police stations, to ask for my father’s support”. At this very moment, Jamil is interrupted by the defense and the hearing is closed without the ending of the story.

When consulted, lawyer Renê Siufi, who worked as a defender of the Name family all his life, denied all accusations and defended himself saying that Jamilzinho “is crazy”. Marcelo Vargas and Pedro Espíndola de Camargo were not located via cell phone.

Police teams in Garras, during actions of the operation.  (Photo: Archive)
Police teams in Garras, during actions of the operation. (Photo: Archive)

Scandal and corruption – Omertà revealed a close relationship between members of the criminal organization, accused of leading an extermination group in the state, and civil police officers. In addition to arrests within the police stations themselves, the task force set up to investigate the scheme also denounced pressure from the board to hinder the actions.

In a hearing, delegate Carlos Delano, current head of the DEH (Specialized Police Office for the Repression of Crimes of Homicide), detailed the episodes that led him to be removed from the command of the investigations into the homicides found by operation Omertà, in 2019.

According to him, the reason was the approach of Flávio Correia Jamil Georges, “Flavinho”, son of Fahd Jamil, and the arrest of an essential witness in the murder of Matheus Coutinho Xavier.

He also told the judge that he had suffered “harassment” by the director of the specialized police department, Pedro Espíndola de Camargo, to leave office at the time. As soon as allegations of the director’s involvement surfaced, he was removed from office. After the exchange, however, the Civil Police issued a statement claiming that the changes were commonplace.

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