Jane Birkin "had more fun" in the hospital "than at home"

Jane Birkin returned to the stage a few months after her stroke. The singer, who was “hypertensive”, confided on her first impressions and told of her recovery …

Jane Birkin was finally able go back on stage four months after her slight stroke. The 75-year-old singer sang on January 8 in Maisons-Alfort, in Val-de-Marne. “I am relieved that it is over… I was hypertendue. The next night I had cramps all over“, she confided to the Parisian. And to add: “It was pretty weird but people were so happy to see a concert and gave me so much“There is, however, one spectacle that she is particularly apprehensive about.”The concert in Paris is the only scary one for me, because your friends and family are likely to come. In addition you do a show that was canceled five months ago. It’s quite weird“, she explained, without revealing a date.

Jane Birkin: “Intensive care, I know by heart”

The artist also confided in the daily about his convalescence which she carried out, among others, at Avicenne Hospital in Bobigny. “It was mostly difficult for my relatives. I knew I was in good hands, in places that I really like a lot. Intensive care, I know by heart, French public hospitals are awesome, nurses adorable“, explained Charlotte Gainsbourg’s mother.

Jane Birkin: “The smell of hospitals calms me down”

In Nantes, where I stayed for a good month, they were wonderful, I had more fun than at home. Hospital life, I knew it as a child with my father, who was sick all his life. I knew how to come at midnight to tell him one last story that made him laugh. Same the smell of hospitals calms me“, added the singer.”In Avicenna, my hospital preferably in Bobigny, I’m practically at home. They saved me so many times! I would like to do something for them“, she clarified.

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