Janne Schra whirls past beautiful imperfections

How rain can move. It is melancholy and wonder that lead in the new project of singer Janne Schra. With her ‘Vogels’, members of her old band Room Eleven, she brings an ingeniously catchy mixture of pop, jazz and poetry. There are songs with a chanson atmosphere, there is early, timeless swing along Fats Waller inspired rag piano, or a tingling groove.

Even more than in English, Schra manages to capture details in Dutch, light as a scribble, between Lucky Fonz, Shaffy and theater song art. She signals, pushes us with our noses at the banal everyday, whirling past beautiful imperfections. She is strong in casual interjections, her voice delicately curly. While talk singing in ‘The only thing that’s missing’ sharply striking the emptiness of existence, ‘Kranig’ is a cleverly layered composition that initially sways like a carousel until only the dull thump of a pile remains.

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