Jardines de Jerez has become a dump for corpses in León

Leon, Guanajuato – Since last April, the residents of the Colonia Jardines de Jerez they have witnessed atrocious events, from murders to the discovery of bodies outside their homes or in the area where they travel; From August to date, six people have been killed or their bodies have been located in the area.

On April 23, a man who is dedicated to the collection of waste opened a bag in search of material to recycle, but at that moment he was tragically surprised when he saw a dismembered man inside. FULL NOTE

He was with his girlfriend and they shot him dead in Jardines de Jerez

On the night of August 4, a young man who was with his girlfriend received a phone call and went to Lirios street in Jardines de Jerez and when he met with a group of people who summoned him, they shot him dead. COMPLETE NOTE.

On August 23, armed men forced their way into a house located on Calle Claveles and attacked two men who lived there with bullets.

The attackers fled and the victims were taken to a hospital, but on the way one of them could not bear the injuries and died. FULL NOTE

They were going to clear a field and find a murdered couple

The corpses of a man and a woman bound and covered over their heads were found in Jardines de Jerez. PHOTO: AM

On September 7, several people who went to a vacant lot to clean it were tragic surprise when they saw the bodies of a man and a woman tied up in the brush.

The scene was one of terror, as the corpses, in addition to being bound, had their heads covered with plastic bags. FULL NOTE

On September 22 on the Avenida de las Hortensias they left a body in a blanket and plastic bags.

The residents of the area were the ones who found the body, which caused them panic and uneasiness. FULL NOTE

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