Javier Báez broke the silence on whether he will sign with the New York Mets

In the moment in wich Javier Baez is more ardent with the Mets New York is where the questions of whether he will sign with them or if they are going to try to retain him in the MLB come in.

Speaking to reporters ahead of Wednesday’s showdown with the St. Louis Cardinals, he was asked Javier Baez about his impressions of playing in New York and whether he can see a long-term future for himself with the Mets.

“I always liked New York,” said Baez. “In the past, playing for the Cubs, I was usually here for a weekend or so, but I have a lot of family here, so it’s been great. … Obviously I love New York.

“I don’t know, we’ll see. I don’t have that decision at this time. I’m just trying to expose my numbers, but we’ll see what happens in the offseason. “

Baez has posted fabulous numbers in 33 games since being acquired by the Mets, cutting .310 / .385 / .603 with nine home runs, 18 RBIs and 26 runs scored.

Along with his bat, he has proven to be a dynamic defender at second base, teaming up with Francisco Lindor to create one of the most exciting double play combinations in the majors.

The chemistry with Lindor is certainly there in the Mets, and Báez would love to continue building it, although he does not have an exact answer at this time for what the future holds.

“We did it in the Classic [Mundial] of Baseball and you saw the combination and the communication that we had and that we have here, so we’ll see, “said Baez. “We will see what your plan is and what your decision is in the end.”

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