Javier Milei, on Axel Kicillof: "This boy is not a Peronist"

The candidate for national deputy Javier Milei labeled Axel Kicillof as a “non-Peronist boy”, stating that he took a measure that ends up “sinking the poor”, alluding to the decision of the Buenos Aires governor to benefit thousands of students in the last year of high school in the district with “free graduate trips ”.

In the program Business community, by LN+, Milei pointed out that “Argentina has much more important problems such as poverty and indigence indices” instead of tourism, the main point of the controversial initiative. “It is incredible that this boy has an economist degree. When he says ‘it’s free’, nothing is free, someone has to pay for it, “said the CABA deputy candidate, who confessed to feeling” outraged. “

Like other opposition leaders, the liberal referent was very annoyed by the measure and explained: “As Argentina has a deficit, it means that it is going to pay it with a fiscal deficit financed with monetary issuance, that is, it is going to pay it with inflationary tax, then, they will pay it with a regressive recontract tax that hits between 25 and 30 times stronger on those who have less ”.

Cristina brought Macri and Clarín into the controversy of Kicillof’s graduate trips

For these reasons, Milei considered that Kicillof made “a gross technical error” and assured that it is an electoral measure to “win back young people”, but that “populist measure ends sinking the poor”. On this point, he shot: “He shows despair, clearly, this boy is not a Peronist.”

For his part, Kicillof has already responded to questions from the opposition sector, and defended the project, stating that the objective is to generate work and activity. “They worry about the trips of graduates the same ones that they were not worried about tax havens”, Launched the provincial president in dialogue with AM 750.

These are all-inclusive trips and packages (accommodation, transfers, food and insurance) of up to 30,000 pesos per student to travel in February, March and April next to Buenos Aires destinations, for children who attend public and private schools.


Jaime Perczyk: Kicillof’s graduate trips are “a valid political strategy” but not a gift

“They are willing to do anything to win the election”

Regarding the economic situation of the country, Milei analyzed: “The first point is that last year Argentina ended with one of the largest fiscal deficits in history, typical of the great crises. Orange lights. Point two, the monetary imbalance is 10 times to 1. That means that, if this were resolved in an orderly fashion, you would have hidden under the rug 900% inflation”. In addition, he considered that “all the seasonings are given” so that there will be hyperinflation, in the event of a political crisis.

“You have a mountain of regulations and a 100% gap, it is unsustainable. In addition, you have the GDP per capita 15% below that of 2011; 2004 real salary; 40% poor; and 11% indigent. The movie is very bad. If you don’t do anything, this bursts. If you let go, inflation explodes and if you do not let go, the imbalance increases, with which the interest rate rises more, activity falls more, more employment, more real wages ”, the economist continued explaining.

And he warned: “Wherever you go, it ends badly, it’s a matter of time. Now, what the government’s tough wing wants to do is put out a fire with a flamethrower. I mean wanting to make a fiscal deficit financed with monetary issuance ”.

At the end, Milei asserted that the Government “are willing to do anything to win an election and that the defeat is more dignified ”. “Everything is set so that it does not burst before. But this can’t end well, this ends badly. The Government is not credible, nothing that comes to Argentina is going to be good, “he warned.

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