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Photo: taken from Jennifer Arias’ Facebook.

The Mexican professor Alain de Remes, one of the authors who were plagiarized by the representative to the House of Representatives, Jennifer Arias, in his master’s thesis, spoke about how the act was dishonest and about the congresswoman blocking him from Twitter.

Alain de Remes is the author of Rational choice, culture, and structure: three approaches to political analysis, one of the texts that Jennifer Arias used and did not cite in her master’s thesis titled OCAD’S and its contradiction with the theories of rational choice.

In this regard, the Mexican professor told on Blu Radio that he became aware of the case through »a trill published by Plagiarism SOS, in which parts of a text that I recognized as my authorship were reproduced. It was a text from more or less 2000 or 2001, in which he spoke of rational choice, structure and culture “, which he could recognize by” the structure of the sentences. “

Alain de Remes said that he would have had no problem with the article being used, but it should have been cited because not doing so “beyond a crime is a dishonest practice.”

In addition, he stated that he was pleased that the Externado University, the institution to which Jennifer Arias presented the thesis, took action on the matter.

Regarding his interview in CM &, the professor said that it was a vile plagiarism but that he does not seek legal sanctions, although he regrets that Jennifer Arias has blocked it from his Twitter account.

It should be remembered that the Externado University indicated that the analysis of the thesis had yielded a significant number of coincidences with sources and documents from different authors. Therefore, the institution asked the Council of State to act.

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