Jesús Corona WhatsApp: Cruz Azul goalkeeper denounces account hacking;  extortionists ask for money in your name

CDMX.- Through your account Instagram, the goalkeeper of Blue Cross, Jesus Crown, revealed that his account WhatsApp it was hacked and asked to ignore messages, since the extortionists they request money in your name.

In a first publication, Jesús Corona pointed out that his account was hacked. WhatsApp, adding that he will notify when he retrieves it and asked to ignore the messages in which they request money.

I understand that it is January and that we all have expenses, but get to work and stop being chin… to the others, ”Corona wrote.

In a second publication, Jesús Corona detailed that he deactivated the WhatsApp account and will not be able to use it for the next seven days.

If for something some other message or something comes to them, it is not me; I’ll let you know here when I’m already using my WhatsApp. Anything by call or text message, my number if I’m using it ”, detailed Corona.

In a third publication, Corona showed two accounts that ask for money, for which he also asked for help to report and He reiterated that he has not recovered his account, adding that, from another account, they ask for money and are already involving his family.

In Cruz Azul’s first match at Grita México C22, Jesús Corona started against Xolos de Tijuana, playing the 90 minutes in the win.

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