Jet Decisions - 01/14/2022 - Voltaire de Souza

Science. Hope. Pandemic.

The first batches for childhood vaccination arrive.

In Brasília, the meeting was tense.

-Are they going to distribute this crap?

-You are at the airport for now, General.

-And we don’t even send them at airports anymore?

– Well, general… you know how it is.

General Perácio slapped the jacaranda table.

-No. I don’t know how it is.

The high official’s convictions were firm.

–Child vaccine… it can only be a communist’s idea.

The granite hand exploded again onto the varnished top.

-We are in favor of freedom, damn it.

The Guarany advisor followed the explanations.

-Positive, general.

–The person has to be able to choose whether to vaccinate or not.

-And if it’s on the arm or the butt, right, general.

-Shut up, asshole.

The twilight lights penetrated through the window of the palace.

-Our children will not be able to decide.

-Do you want me to talk to the Air Force, General?

Peracio took a deep breath.

–This is a child rights case. Where’s the minister?

Guarany tapped on his cell phone.

–They said she is confined… got Covid.

– Confinement a roe. Because of a flu?

–She receives food sitting on top of a guava branch.

Peracio was outraged.

–Call the Environment staff. And he orders the sawing off of that tree.

Vaccines arrive by plane.

But stupidity sometimes reacts with the speed of a jet.

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