João Costa available for new themes after recruitment model | teachers

The Minister of Education said on Monday that he was available to work on other matters related to teachers, after completing the recruitment model, the final version of which should be sent to the unions on Wednesday.

“We had a great concentration in the work on the recruitment model and things follow the proper timetable. We estimate to send, also agreed with the union organizations and what results from the last working meeting, on Wednesday to the unions the final version of the preliminary projects about recruitment”, João Costa told journalists, at the end of the presentation of the Escola Segura 2022/2024 activity plan, which took place at the Ministry of Internal Administration.

The minister added that, “with the issue of recruitment closed”, there are other matters to work on, such as issues related to bureaucracy and the stabilization of progression to the fifth and seventh levels.

“These are the issues we are going to work on. As soon as the recruitment issue is closed, I have always made myself available to continue working”, he said, stressing that the Government has had “a dialoguing attitude with teachers since the beginning of the legislature” and ” never suspended the work of union negotiation”.

The last meeting of the negotiating process between the Ministry of Education and the unions on the revision of the teaching staff recruitment and mobility regime took place last Wednesday and ended without an agreement.

At the end of the meeting, the secretary general of the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof) said that the platform of nine union structures will wait for the final proposal from the Ministry of Education to decide on supplementary negotiation.

In a joint interview with TSF radio and JN, João Costa said on Sunday that studies and calculations are being carried out to assess under what terms the frozen service time for teachers can be recovered, so that proposals can be presented.

Asked this Monday about whether the accounts were already closed, the minister replied: “We are working.”

Since Saturday and after the demonstration promoted by the Union of All Education Professionals (Stop), about three dozen teachers and school employees remain camped out in front of the Assembly of the Republic in protest against the lack of working conditions, accusing the Government of putting “the school sleeping on the street”.

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