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Verdão drew 2-2 with Atlético-MG this Tuesday night (23), at Allianz Parque, for the 35th round of the Brazilian Championship.

João Martins, technical assistant at Palmeiras (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)
João Martins, technical assistant at Palmeiras (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

On the night of this Tuesday (23), palm trees e Atlético-MG tied 2-2 at Allianz Parque, for the 35th round of the Brazilian championship. Verdão went to the field with reservations, thinking about the decision of Copa Libertadores next Saturday (27), against Flamengo. Suspended, coach Abel Ferreira was not ahead of the team tonight.

In a post-game press conference, the assistant João Martins harshly criticized the VAR, which, according to him, should have annulled the Hulk’s goal: “Before the questions, let’s laugh so we don’t cry. Whoever tells the truth does not deserve punishment. Let’s talk about that second goal move, we have to tell the truth. How is it possible, for the third game in a row, for Palmeiras to be harmed? This is the reality of the facts. We admitted at the end of the last game that Patrick’s goal was well disallowed”.

According to Martins, right-back Marcos Rocha saw clearly what happened, and reported to the referee: “Marcos Rocha, when he saw the goal, clearly saw what happened, spoke to the referee. The rush he was, and the Hulk was, to get the ball and restart the game, are incomprehensible things. VAR only works sometimes.”

Abel’s assistant also answered about the preparation for the duel on Saturday (27): “For the team to come out with the victory today, we needed to score in the opportunities we had, and the referee annulled the goal that was poorly validated. If the goal had been disallowed, the game would have ended 2-1, and we would have won. Regarding the players, we said that this game was for them to prepare individually, and a little collectively, for Saturday’s game. We want everyone prepared at the same level”.

Finally, he spoke about the controversy with left-back Jorge, who didn’t like being replaced: “These are things that we would like not to happen, but this is resolved within the working group. Things don’t always go our way, but it’s quickly resolved, because Jorge, as a man, is 5 stars. He recanted, I didn’t behave normally, I retracted myself. Then he apologized to the group. It’s already been resolved, we’re all human beings, we have feelings, and it’s part of it”.

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