Joe Biden will be received by Pope Francis at the Vatican on October 29

“They will discuss how to work together, with respect for human dignity, to end the Covid-19 pandemic, face the climate crisis, and take care of the less fortunate,” according to a statement.

Joe Biden is a devout Catholic, who often talks about his faith in public and rarely misses mass, especially when in his home town of Wilmington (Delaware, east).

He was also a strong supporter of the right to abortion, which caused a stir among the American Catholic clergy.

The Conference of American Catholic Bishops (USCCB) voted this summer by a large majority to draft a text on “the meaning of the Eucharist in the life of the Church”, which could result in refusing it. policies supporting abortion.

The Eucharist, or communion, is an essential rite of the Catholic faith, during which the faithful receive the Host, symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

“It is private and I do not think that will happen”, replied Joe Biden, questioned on this text and its scope.

The pope, called to react on this project of the American archbishops, had considered in general terms that the Church was not called to take a position politically: “What should the pastor do? Be a pastor, not condemn”, had esteemed the sovereign pontiff.

“If you leave the pastoral care of the Church, you become a politician”, he had disapproved, while expressing his horror of abortion, which he compared to “a murder”.

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