Joe Biden's “Black Thursday”

The American president fought Thursday, January 13 to save his vast electoral reform from parliamentary collapse, after seeing the Supreme Court block his vaccine obligation in business. A succession of setbacks which a little more undermines the political credit of the Democrat a few months before the mid-term elections.

“Joe Biden has just had a horrible day and it is not going to get better”, sums up the daily journalist USA Today Louie Villalobos.

In the afternoon of Thursday, the American president first saw the Supreme Court block his vaccine obligation in business, decried by the Republicans. “A dramatic setback” for “The federal government’s most ambitious measure aimed at fighting Covid and closing the country’s vaccination gap”, notice it Washington Post.

In the United States, where the virus has killed more than 845,000 people, only 62% of the population is fully vaccinated. When Joe Biden announced in September that he wanted to make vaccination compulsory for employees of large companies, the medical sector and federal officials, his decision was immediately denounced as an abuse of power by elected Republican officials and by part of the world economic.

“An intrusion into the lives and health of employees”

On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled in their favor with regard to the approximately 84 million people employed in companies with more than 100 employees, judging that it was a “Intrusion into the life and health of a large number of employees”. The high court, on the other hand, validated the vaccination obligation for employees of health structures that benefit from federal funds.

The cancellation of Joe Biden’s vaccination obligation was taken by a majority of six magistrates against nine, all conservatives. On the other hand, the three progressive judges of the Court considered that this judgment “Usurped a decision that federal officials were entitled to make”, in the name of employee safety, remark Mother Jones. In a separate text, they even accused their colleagues of acting “Outside their field of competence and without legal basis”.

Electoral reform, an “almost dead” project

Him too “disappointed” by the decision of the conservative judges, Joe Biden then had to fight Thursday until the beginning of the evening to try to save from the parliamentary wreck his vast electoral reform, blocked by two moderate Democrats, Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

The electoral reform project championed by Joe Biden is “Dying” car “It became clear that he failed to unite his own party” behind him, estimate the New York Times. Without being able to convince opposition senators, the Democrats had only one solution to save their project: to break this parliamentary practice and to force a simple majority. But this maneuver was torpedoed by Kyrsten Sinema, who felt that this strategy would only fuel the “Infernal spiral of division”.

The cancellation of the vaccination obligation and the blocking of electoral reform are “Two huge losses for Joe Biden which are likely to be a fatal blow to the political agenda of the Democrats”, only a few months before the mid-term elections, Louie Villalobos analyzes.

Joe Biden’s successive failures “Raise questions about what Democrats will be able to accomplish” by the November ballot, “While they still control the White House and have narrow majorities in both houses of Congress”, concludes CNN.

Noémie Taylor-Rosner

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