Joey Gallo should be the Yankees leadoff bat according to Buster Onley

Famous ESPN analyst Buster Onley believes that Yankees de New York should consider Joey Gallo as leadoff hitter to start the season of the MLB 2021.

Onley, who believes that Joey Gallo is the fourth best right fielder in all of the Major Leagues, says that putting him at first bat is a good strategy for the player to worry a little more about reaching base, that would add to his concern that he does not It’s just looking for a home run as the fifth or sixth bat in the New York Yankees lineup.

Also, Gallo hit 162. with runners in position and 240 when he started an inning as a hitter, that greatly influences the decision Aaron Boone could make next season.

Gallo was the player who reached the base the most times based on touches last season, he has a good art to touch the ball and arrive safely until the initial. However, he was the leader in strikeouts in the entire MLB and in turn took 111 walks, one of the leaders.

The number of walks he takes is also a factor, the only obstacle for Joey Gallo not being the lead hitter for a team is strikeouts, he doesn’t run too bad for his height.

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