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Great commotion has caused in Chile the statements of the elected deputy Johannes Kaiser for the Republican Party, the formation of the far right Jose Antonio Kast, who went to the second round in the Sunday elections next to the leftist Gabriel Boric.

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In an undated video excerpt circulating on social media, Johannes Kaiser he questioned the female vote and referred to immigrants as rapists.

“What happens is that you also have a kind of schizophrenia there. Women stop going to the park to jog because they are afraid of immigrants who may rape them, but they continue to vote for the same parties that are bringing those people and you really wonder if the right to vote [de las mujeres] it was a good idea “, said Kaiser, who obtained 11.7% of the votes in district 10 (Santiago, Providencia, Ñuñoa, Macul, San Joaquín and La Granja).

The statement was made during a live broadcast and was later widely disseminated on social media.

The words of Kaiser caused such a stir that the journalists interrogated the Jose Antonio Kast on the matter. “You will have to take charge of the sayings. I can’t share that kind of statement “, said. “We must be free to vote, including migrants,” he added.

After the viralization of the video, Kaiser He responded through his Twitter account and said that the platform “gives up to 2 minutes 20 of a video to show. Why are you showing only this segment? To take out of context”.

I do not question or question the right to vote of women. I made a sarcasm related to the fact that people vote against their own interests ”, he assured. What’s more, claimed it’s five years ago.


The Minister for Women, Monica Zalaquett, said that “it is unacceptable that the right to vote of women is questioned. We came to public life to stay and we will continue working so that more women occupy spaces of political responsibility ”.

While the EFE agency reported that the communist deputy Karol Cariola aassured that “Kast is a danger to all women” So what “He and his supporters believe in a world with rights only for men.”

“They do not understand that we can have an opinion, use contraceptives, that we have the right to decide about our bodies and that we have the right to vote”the parliamentarian tweeted.

The portal He recalled that this is not the only controversy that Johannes Kaiser has starred in. He maintained that he was one of the 60 signatories of an insert published in a medium in which they were in favor of Augusto Pinochet’s coup.

José Antonio Kast himself has expressed in his government program a fracture in the advancement of the women’s struggle promoted in recent decades and his opposition to equal marriage.

He states that if he reaches the government repeal the law allowing abortion and that he will do everything in his power to “protect and strengthen the family.”

He also points out that if he arrives at the La Moneda palace he will offer “economic incentives to married couples” and will ensure the right of every child to “have a father and a mother.”

According to the criteria of

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