John Wick competition with Denzel Washington continues

Denzel Washington is currently intriguing in the cinemas with Joel Coen’s Shakespeare adaptation Macbeth. However, the two-time Oscar winner occasionally turns up completely different sides. First he did it in Tony Scott’s action films, then in his own “John Wick” -type action franchise (which started the same year as Keanu Reeves’ series). We’re talking about the equalizer films. The last one, The Equalizer 2, was released in 2018 and the next one is in the works.

Denzel Washington confirms: Action sequel Equalizer 3 is coming

In an interview with Collider Washington was asked about Macbeth what his occupation looks like after his return from the Scottish walls. Washington replied:

they have the third equalizer so I have that on my schedule.

The actor also indicated what his preparation looks like. The transition from black and white tragedy to vigilante action sounds like a contrast program:

So I have to get fit and start beating people up again. I can beat people up again. The tragedy of Macbeth and then beat people up. There’s nothing better, right?

Check out the trailer for Equalizer 2:

The Equalizer 2 – Trailer (Deutsch) HD


So in Equalizer 3 people are knocked out again. That much is certain. Collider has also found out that director Antoine Fuqua is also in talks for a return. Denzel Washington already worked with Fuqua on his Oscar film Training Day. Since then they have made two Equliazer films and the remake The Magnificent Seven together.

The John Wick alternative with Denzel Washington even led to a series

The Equalizer films are based on a series from the 1980s and tell of an ex-special agent who, instead of enjoying his retirement, comes to the aid of those who cannot defend themselves against injustice. In part 1 it was a young prostitute and in part 2 he investigates the murder of his helper (Melissa Leo). And people want to see that reliably.

The equalizer films do not come close to the box office results that are now achieved by the similarly stored John Wick films. With comparatively low budgets ($ 55 million and $ 77 million) both grossed a healthy $ 190 million worldwide. The stability is also remarkable. Equalizer 2 earned almost as much in the US and international territories as Part 1. Unless the budget for Equalizer 3 explodes, it should follow on from the successes.

The concept of the vigilante, who ensures a balance between right and wrong, is so successful that the TV series The Equalizer has since gone into production. In it, Queen Latifah plays the Guardian angel of the defenseless. The series runs in Germany Sky *.

When Equalizer 3 with Denzel Washington comes to the cinema, it is unknown yet.

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