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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been criticized by senior politicians, conservative MPs and the media for making “incoherent” speeches before leading representatives of the national trade union of industry, in which he praised the characters from the cartoon “Peppa Pig” for several minutes, compared himself to Moses and imitated the noise of a car picking up speed.

Commentators viewed the Prime Minister’s appeal to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) as devoid of “seriousness and professionalism.” Johnson lost coordination during his speech and wasted 20 seconds repeating “sorry me” as he shuffled the printed pages in his podium, according to the Guardian. Some pundits hoped that the speech would be a chance for Johnson to announce a long-term policy towards his “industrial upgrading” program. However, in a speech delivered at the Port of Tyne, Johnson spoke only in favor of installing electric vehicle charging points in all new homes and buildings in England starting next year.

At the same time, a large portion of the speech was devoted to the premier’s impressions of his recent trip to Peppa Pig’s World in Hampshire, an amusement park dedicated to a children’s cartoon character. “Yesterday I visited Peppa Pig’s World. Raise your hands if you were in Peppa Pig’s World!” Said the smiling British Prime Minister to the amazement of the industrialists. streets, discipline in schools, great emphasis on new public transport systems. “

Johnson continued his monologue by saying that the “real lesson” he learned during the visit was that the protagonist’s popularity was a testament to the “power of British creativity.” The TV show “which was rejected by the BBC and aired in 180 countries” is now worth £ 6 billion, he said. “I think that’s pure genius, right? No government in the world, not a single Whitehall civil servant (seat of the British government – ed.) would not have invented Peppa, “Johnson concluded.

He went on to mimic the sound of a car accelerating with a grumbling engine and likened himself to the prophet Moses for his plan to help businesses invest in the fight against climate change. The prime minister continued, “I told my officials, the new 10 commandments say you must develop industries such as offshore wind, hydrogen, nuclear and carbon reduction.”

However, high-ranking business representatives and some conservative MPs were not at all impressed by such a speech. One senior Conservative called the prime minister’s speech “incoherent,” while another said “someone who loses the party’s trust needs to pull themselves together.” Jürgen Meyer, vice chairman of Northern Powerhouse Partnership and former CEO Siemens told the Guardian that it was a “flop.” Other business leaders who watched the speech said they were surprised by Johnson’s aggressive push for Peppa Pig’s World, which is located almost five hundred kilometers from London. “I didn’t expect the Peppa Pig to be mentioned,” said Neil Whittaker, director of marketing and communications for the Learning Curve Group, a national training company. “It seems that he (Johnson) has lost his way a little.” The Industrialists’ Union even called the premier’s speech “nonsense.”

Labor described the prime minister’s speech as “meaningless” and as proof of how “Johnson’s business is not serious.” “Nobody laughed because the joke wasn’t funny,” said Labor Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves. Liberal Democratic leader Ed Davey noted that businesses need clarity, but all they got was “incoherent information” from Johnson. In this regard, commentators recalled the scandalous phrase of the prime minister “To hell with business”, uttered in 2018, when he was asked what consequences the “Brexit” without a deal would lead to the Albion business world.

After the speech, one of the journalists asked Johnson if he was okay. “I think that people understood the vast majority of the points that I wanted to say, and, in my opinion, everything went well,” the British prime minister concluded.

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