Jojo is invited to do a track and asks: ‘do I look like Jane?’

After facing the turbulent divorce of Lucas Souza, Jojo Todynho shared an unusual story with fans on social networks. The influencer said that she was invited out by a ‘contatinho’ and the boy proposed an ecological trail.

In a video published on Friday (24), the digital influencer had fun with the situation and shot: “Do I look like Jane?”, She said when referring to the character from the movie Tarzan.

“I must be some naughty, no humiliation for me is so little. The boy asked me out, all right. Then I asked: ‘Is everything all right for tomorrow?’, and he: ‘Yes, that’s right. I’m dropping by to pick you up at six o’clock,” explained the artist, laughing.

“Then I: ‘Six at night or six in the morning?’, because I wanted to check what he was saying there. And he was like, ‘No, six in the morning.’ I thought, ‘Wow, six in the morning? Is he thinking about taking a motel, doing something different?’. So, I asked: ‘But where are we going?’. He replied: ‘No, let’s make a track’” explained Jojo, laughing.

Then the singer went on to tell the story: “He said, ‘Do you like to make love outdoors?’ Do I look like Jane? It’s not possible! Saint Anthony, did I do something to you? Do you have a problem with me? The treadmill is no longer enough, now go hiking? It’s not possible! I kept thinking: ‘Are you a suitor or a hater?’. Waking up at five in the morning to go hiking? Go make love in the woods?”she said, disgusted.

This Saturday (25), the game turned. Jojo said that the boy was embarrassed and already proposed dinner with her. Is there a new romance out there…

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