Jojo Todynho comes out in defense of Rafaella Santos after the web points out the use of photoshop

Jojo Todynho did not like the criticisms directed at Rafaella Santos, Neymar’s sister, after comparisons with her body at different times.

It all started after netizens accused the influencer of using photoshop in photos published on social networks after comparing them with images of her in a samba school parade.

The funk artist decided to come out in defense of Rafaella Santos and asked them to stop with the criticism, which mostly would have come from women, according to Jojo.

“I have affection and respect for Rafaella. It’s so ugly to see women comparing her body. Everyone feels good the way they want and knows what’s best for them. If she Photoshops her brain, that’s her problem. Cut it out,” she initiated her.

“If you feel better with a Barbie or chubby body, stick with it. Understand that your body is yours alone, and people have no right to opine”, shot Jojo Todynho.

Rafaella did not comment directly on the criticism she received, in a tweet that went viral on the social network, the publication was seen 5.7 million times.

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