Jorge Asís assured that there is "a tacit agreement" to leave Kirchnerism out

There is an unspoken agreement to rescue what they call the most rational of Peronism and leave Kirchnerism out. If they do not know, let them find out by this message “, he began Jorge Assisi, with the tone of certainty that characterizes it. “At any moment the protagonists of that agreement will speak, or those who wait, those who are silent. After today it will be worse“, he predicted.

In dialogue with Luis Novaresio, for America 24. the analyst explained that Cristina Kirchner herself or “The Doctor” as he calls her- “knows they want to end Kirchnerism“.

Jorge Asís: “This is a new government that aims at 2023”

Kirchnerism without collection capacity does not exist. And Kirchnerism grew up with a tripod of power that no longer exists: Nestor Kirchner, Hector Magnetto and Hugo moyano. The power of communication, the power of street control plus a political leadership. That was the first years of Kirchnerism, which is precisely what we are trying to combat now, “he reflected.

The great mistake of Néstor Kirchner was not to have gone for his re-election in 2007“, Asís analyzed and explained that, at that time, the context was favorable for his candidacy, since, at that time,” there was no fight with Clarín nor was there a fight with the field, even if it was counterfactual. “

“Alberto Fernández is jealous”

The lost cause is the President’s rescue attemptEveryone is wrong there, especially the President, ”he said. Assisi. “Suddenly he wanted to regain centrality,” he described and added: “Got jealous of Juan Manzur”. “As it was plebiscited on September 12, wants to plebiscite in the rematch again“, Held.

“Happily he was persuaded not to speak because the act that was going to take place on October 17 had just been canceled”, Reflected the analyst. Regarding who is in charge in Argentina, he pointed out that “formally the President; from the point of view of legitimacy, ‘La Doctora’ and, in practice, today everything depends on Juan Manzur ”, he concluded.


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