Two days after the elections, the Interior Minister resigned.  (Photo: Clarín)

This Wednesday at noon Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro and several officials of Alberto Fernández’s Cabinet sent their resignation. Shortly after the news broke, the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi, said that all presented their resignation “by word” on Monday, the day after the elections where the ruling party suffered a severe defeat ..

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“All the ministers presented the resignation. One has the resignation signed the day he assumes, the management is day by day. Some did so in writing and others orally, but all the ministers had the attitude of communicating to the president that he had our space if he considered it.”Said Ferraresi, in dialogue with Radio With You.

Then, the former mayor of Avellaneda stated: “The President is the one who leads, the one who defines and the one who articulates with each of the ministers. It is not a question of names but of policies. We identified that in the election we fell short with those we have raised, “added Ferraresi, who considered that the national administration lacked” more speed. “

Two days after the elections, the Interior Minister resigned. (Photo: Clarín)

In addition, Ferraresi sought to detach Cristina Kirchner from the surprise movements in the national government. “I would believe myself to be one of the closest to Cristina and the truth is that no one told me what to do”, he assured.

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The wave of resignations of ministers and national officials came hours after the thirteen ministers of the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, made their positions available. “It is what corresponds and now the governor will define with which team he wants to continue”, justified Teresa García, the Buenos Aires Minister of Government.

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