If there is a relationship of love and hate that has manifested itself over the last few years and that gained relevance in the media, it was, without a doubt, that of Morena Rial with his father, the former Intruder driver. The young influencer fought several times with the journalist and knew how to rant against him through his different social networks

And although at different times he tried to remain silent and not go out to confront More, it was his own Jorge Rial who during a talk he had with the psychoanalyst Jose Abadi He referred to the issue and acknowledged that although his relationship with his daughter is fine today, the truth is that he had to go through difficult fights.

I went through moments, through very big worries with the oldest, with Morena, through a lot of problems, she made it public and I had a very bad time. He had a very big crisis and made the decision to hit me where a father hurts, he said terrible things to me“, Confessed the driver of Argenzuela a Infobae.

But she is my daughter, I love her, and I will always forgive her; I will be with her always, now we are very well. The history of my daughters is hard, they are adopted and then abandoned. An abandonment of her mother who, when we separated, made the decision to separate absolutely from everything: from me and her daughters“, Explained Jorge.

Continuing with the background of the matter, and even acknowledging those moments that could cause pain to his daughters, Rial mentioned that period in which he divorced from Silvia D’Auro and highlighted the fact that the adoptive mother of the girls has no relationship with them from the moment Morena and Rocío moved in with him.

“He had a very big crisis and made the decision to hit me where a father hurts the most,” acknowledged the journalist.

They still lived with their mother and each time they came they left me more things at my house, until one day they stopped at the door and told me: “Dad, we don’t want to go anymore.” And they stayed with me, I started to raise them myself, all very crazy “he commented.

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Finally, and as a self-criticism, Jorge shared: “I lived through my daughters’ stage, badly, I think I was very wrong with them and I have another stage now with Romina’s daughters … They are my daughters too, who I am accompanying … “.

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