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Jorge Solá, Press Secretary of the CGT, expressed his support for President Alberto Fernández given the recent strategic move that Roberto Feletti assumes instead of Paula Español in the Ministry of Internal Trade. The exchange implies assuming that the fight against inflation “did not work”. However, the union member preferred to be cautious and not comment on the public accountant but wait to see him in action.

“From the CGT we continue to insist on state control over prices so that profitability is what it has to be and not what the market decides,” he told PROFILE. When asked if he gave Feletti a vote of confidence, he replied “I give the vote of confidence to the president, then we will wait to see what happens.”

Jorge Solá, press secretary of the CGT.

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Another of the points that he defended, and that was raised in the IDEA colloquium, is that of double compensation. Issue raised by employers as the main detractor when creating employment. In this sense, he pointed out that it is an important social protection for workers, as well as the prohibition of dismissals.

“We also believe that an exit towards productive investment would not make sense and could be overturned to the normal coverage that the labor contract law has. Now bLooking at the other extreme and modifying labor laws, including what has to be compensation, does not seem like the best idea to me“, he pointed.

Feletti met with businessmen and asked to freeze the prices of 900 products for 90 days

Peronist loyalty day

The CGT in its beginnings.

Like every October 17, the CGT celebrates the day of Peronist loyalty. Jorge Solá said in a dialogue with PROFILE that in tribute to this date will march on October 18 under the slogan “Development, production and work”. The mobilization will be without a central speaker and a document agreed between the different sectors of the General Labor Confederation will be read permanently.

“We have been putting together the mobilization for two or three months. The claim is to recover one of the central points of the Peronist doctrine which is the way out of this economic crisis towards a country with development, production and work”, He declared.

The Moyano family is expected to be present, in fact, they indicated that they are in dialogue to coordinate the organization and want to give “an image of unity where the present labor movement bets to grow and remove the negative indices of poverty, unemployment and informal employment ”. The tour will be along Avenida Independencia to the work monument, and from there, from Paseo Colón to Belgrano.

Alberto Fernández received the CGT in the middle of the negotiations with Moyano for the leadership

Elections in the CGT

November 11 will be dedicated to the new leadership of the labor union, and for the first time, they will have gender parity in mind for the election. What’s more, the Moyanos are enthusiastic about presenting their own list when the new authorities decide.

When asked about it, the CGT Press Secretary said that “They have been working for a long time so that the different sectors that today are not part of the Board of Directors can converge”. And he added: “We believe that the large number of sectors within the CGT will be represented in the leadership. Also with the statutory modifications that have to do with the incorporation of the female role, with the expansion of secretaries and with a strengthening of the CGT, which is absolutely necessary. So I look at it with high hopes that we are going to generate a strong and united leadership”.

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