José de Abreu suffers an accident behind the scenes of the soap opera ‘Mar do Sertão’

Actor José de Abreu suffered an accident behind the scenes of Globo’s soap opera ‘Mar do Sertão’. The episode took place during the recording of the end of the plot, in which the 76-year-old veteran plays Colonel Tertúlio Aguiar, and took the actor away from the plot for a few days.

“What happened today at the recording of the festive finale of the telenovela Mar do Sertão: the donkey Shopi Centi got scared, backed up, bumped into me with his butt and I fell backwards. There was no fainting, nothing. It hurt, that’s all, ”he said.

According to Abreu, the accident was not serious, however, the broadcaster’s protocol requires some special care and therefore it was necessary to immobilize and take him to the hospital.

“Any accident at Globo follows the protocol: immobilize him, put him on a stretcher, call Globo’s own ambulance, and take him to the hospital for tests. That’s what I did. I’ve already been discharged, I’m at home, resting. Saturday I have an MRI to confirm today’s CT scan. That’s it for now.”

The soap opera comes to an end on March 17, two weeks beyond what had been predicted by Globo. The plot chosen to replace ‘Mar do Sertão’ was ‘Perfect Love’, by Duca Rachid and Júlio Fischer, with Camila Queiroz as the protagonist.

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