Josiane Balasko did not "bend": a question of physics

Josiane Balasko confided in front of the camera of Femme Actuelle about her complicated beginnings in the cinema because of her physique …

Emblematic actress of French cinema, Josiane Balasko has not always been the favorite of the castings. Back to the theater in the play A chalet in Gstaad, the 71-year-old actress came back for Current wife on his film debut. And against all odds, they were not the easiest. In question? His physique which did not correspond to the standards of the big screen of the time. Complex, the actress had even confided to be spent on the pool table to remake her nose. Far from current inclusive considerations, the cinema then favored twigs with dream measurements.

Josiane Balasko did not “bend”

Young actress, Josiane Balasko quickly understands that she does not have the silhouette of a movie star in the eyes of showbiz. I think I had a physique that didn’t match the standards, between romantic and diaphanous quotes, young actresses of the time“, she explains in front of the camera of Current wife, before balancing cash: “So who didn’t make the directors hard.”

Josiane Balasko: the “particular physique” of her daughter

The former comedian of the Splendid troupe, however, was delighted with the evolution of mentalities in the cinema. Since then, that has changed. There are actresses who do not have particularly convincing physique in the sexy side and all that. I am thinking for example of Sylvie Testud, who is a great actress, of Corinne Masiero, of my daughter too, Marilou Berry, who has a particular physique but who plays with it …, she explains.
During her career, the actress even had to look ugly to play certain roles, and she took it “pleasure”, she confides, especially for The Great Partage by Alexandra Leclère or even The Hedgehogby Mona Achache.

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