Josias de Souza – Unfinished works are well-finished scourges

Lula starts this week the delivery or resumption of old works. It is something he wants to transform into one of the hallmarks of his third passage through the Presidency. This Tuesday, Lula delivers the keys to Minha Casa, Minha Vida in Bahia. On Wednesday, he inaugurates works in Sergipe. A survey by the Federal Audit Court reveals that there are 8,674 paralyzed public works in Brazil. Paralyzed work is a euphemism for the old practice of throwing public money out the window.

Notícia do Globo reveals that among the more than 8 thousand constructions that the government wants to reactivate, there are at least 223 works started in the first two terms of Lula himself. There are also 1,100 construction sites opened during the PT administration of Dilma Rousseff. That is: if Lula achieves his goals, he can deliver works that he himself started and that remained unfinished during the administrations of Dilma, Temer and Bolsonaro.

Money, as you know, is what you work hard to earn before being bitten by the Federal Revenue, which delivers the fruit of your sweat on a platter to the National Treasury, which is responsible for making it reach the hands of two types that proliferate in the Brazilian State: people who, not trained to use other people’s money, waste it; and the people who, trained in excess, subtract it.

In either case, the same result is reached: public money evaporates. And you, surrendered to the paradoxical position of a compulsory contributor, are forced to conclude that an unfinished work is a very well-finished scourge. It is the result of inefficiency exercised with maximum efficiency.

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