Journalist reveals that Rodrigo Caetano 'slept' at the point and Atlético-MG was only left with what was left: "It seemed very amateur"

Atlético-MG, Flamengo and Internacional hired foreign coaches for the next season, the Rubro-Negra team finalized negotiations in December with Paulo Sousa and the Colorada team with Alexander ‘Cacique’ Medina. On the other hand, Galo took a longer period since Cuca’s departure, closing only last Thursday (14), with Antonio ‘Turkish‘ Mohamed. During podcast ‘Ball Possession #193‘, the journalist Mauro Cezar Pereira stated that there is a difference between the profiles sought by the club’s board.

Inter and Flamengo chose their coaches, Atlético-MG did not choose their coach, he stayed with whoever was on the track. Antonio ‘El Turco’ Mohamed painted there, a somewhat controversial technician. A very important point to emphasize is the following, the story of him and his son, the death of his son, is an exciting, cool story, now, coach Mohamed, first, in Argentina, I talked to several colleagues and no one understood the hiring“.

Everyone was surprised because today the continent looks at Atlético-MG as a Brazilian champion, champion of the Copa do Brasil and semi-finalist of Libertadores, it has a strong team, eliminated River Plate, eliminated Boca Juniors. ‘This team is good, they have money huh. Who will train? It’s the Turkish Mohamed. Like this?’ This is the reaction of the Argentine colleagues because it was not a name considered for that, and a very great opportunity for this moment in his career.“, added Mauro.

Mauro stressed that this does not mean that it will not work, and remembers that Abel Ferreira was not the first option palm trees and is heading towards the third season for the team: “Atlético-MG did not choose the coach, they heard some ‘no’s. It can work, obviously, just a crystal ball, but Atlético-MG didn’t choose it, it was what was left, it was what he painted, the market chose for him, in a way that was it. Internacional wanted Paulo Sousa, Paulo Sousa went to Flamengo and he went straight to the Uruguayan Cacique Medina and hired him. Flamengo went after Jorge Jesus, not having Jorge Jesus anticipated and chose the coach who seemed most similar to the team’s profile“.

Atletico-MG seemed very amateur to me, which has a professional who is Rodrigo Caetano at the head of the football department, executive director, very amateurish the way in which the coach was sought. For those who have a professional hired for this, it seemed very amateurish for you to stay away. They tried a few, and then painted a name like this so we’ll kind of see what happens. It can work out, Abel Ferreira was not Palmeiras’ first option either and the Palmeirense is satisfied because Abel won three important titles“, finished.

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