Judgment Beliefs

“And that story at the end of the Calderón government is a story where the cartels continued with large sales and large illegal exports to the United States.” Photo: Moisés Pablo, Cuartoscuro.

This week has been based on important statements that are made from the right and from the obradorismo

The right affirms that the evidence against García Luna is not enough, there is no receipt signed by the former police chief of Calderón and where there are no papers there is no evidence, at least that is what they believe

The Obradoristas believe that the evidence that we have known, through the media, demonstrates the responsibility, not only personal, but also historical, of Calderón and his police chief.

We believe it is absurd to ask for documents that evidence the transactions made between drug traffickers and corrupt policemen and politicians. They are dishonest but they are not stupid. And they don’t do their negotiations face to face either, they always do it through intermediaries, the only thing that is known is the result of the offhand negotiation.

But if we also relate evidence to other known facts, we realize how serious the situation in Mexico was in those years, what the witnesses testify is the story of a large company, which operated as if it were a corporation, a large business worldwide. of the big investors. that discussed the terms of the competition and the use of the relationship with the authorities in charge of controlling and monitoring them.

And that story at the end of Calderón’s government is a story where the cartels continued with large sales and with large illegal exports to the United States, it describes the historical failure of Calderón’s strategy, of apparently declaring war on the cartels, it is evident that At the end of the government and after more than 50,000 deaths, drug trafficking had strengthened and the government forces were being defeated.

We obradorsitas also believe that the phrase of a witness is essential: “Drug trafficking cannot grow without government support.”

And where did drug trafficking consolidate and grow the most? In Sinaloa.

During the Calderón government, the war was directed with all its violence and massive violation of human rights against the Juárez Cartel, we know for sure.

Even on one occasion, when the army happened to meet a commando of hit men from the Sinaloa cartel, and they liquidated them, General Espitia proudly declared “All those were from the Sinaloa cartel, so they don’t go around saying that I only attack the of the Juárez cartel

Later it was learned that it was a wrong confrontation, because the hit men who arrived in Juarez got lost in the Samalayuca desert, with bad luck, they ran into an army surveillance commando and shot each other. The declaration of General Espitia caught our attention.

Apparently the same was happening in the center of the Republic against the Beltran Leyva.

But the collective sense, in Juárez, almost a general certainty, took for granted “that the army had come to support the Sinaloa Cartel.”

That was evident, as it is evident that in Polanco in Mexico City, they support America and that in Toluca they support the red devils.

What surprises us about the hearings is that the drug traffickers had to pay García Luna so much money.

The PAN members believed that it was a Calderón strategy: “Support a single cartel in the country to avoid multiple negotiations and agree to reduce violence with a single group.”

We obradoristas believe that García Luna is guilty, those on the right believe that he is innocent and the jury will decide, perhaps believing that he is guilty or not guilty, in short, all are beliefs.

Gustavo De la Rosa

He has been the director of the Labor and Human Rights Office since 1974 and a research professor in education at the UACJ in Ciudad Juárez.

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