judicial investigation in progress

The first testimonies appeared on social networks on Sunday evening: several young girls say they have been witnesses or victims of sexual assault and rape by employees of at least two bars located in the cemetery area of ​​Ixelles in Brussels region. According to these accounts, the incriminated bartenders drug the girls by pouring a substance into their glass beforehand.

Some of these testimonies that we have collected date from several years ago, others are more recent (February 2020 and July 2021). All use the same modus operandi suggesting the use of drugs by the waiters. : “I had only had 3 drinks and had to go to the hospital“, “my friend was way too drunk compared to what she had drunk“.

In the various testimonials we have received, two server names often stand out. One of them would work successively for the two incriminated bars, which moreover belong to the same person.

The denial of a bar but an open judicial investigation

On the Instagram social network where most of the testimonies are published, one of the incriminated bars published a statement denying what it considers to be “allegations”.

The safety and well-being of our customers is our top priority. Our establishment is equipped with infrared cameras covering the entire place, and this 24 hours a day. All reprehensible acts or acts taking place within the (bar) are therefore filmed and recorded, and this, to guarantee your safety as well as that. Staff. […] The police confirm to us that there is no ongoing investigation or complaint concerning the shortcomings of one of our team members. We do, and always will do everything to bring to light the wrongdoing we condemn.

However, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office confirms that several complaints concerning acts of rape and indecent assault have been recorded. A judicial investigation is in progress. According to our information, samples were taken and several bars in the Ixelles cemetery area are indeed the subject of special attention by the police. The prosecution declined to further comment, by not confirming the names of the bars targeted by these surveillance.

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