Julian Sands still missing: Authorities want to offer family “closure”.

*** Update from 02/21/2023: Since Disappearance of Julian Sands There have been a number of searches, both on foot and from the air. According to “Sky News” the emergency services set out again on Saturday, more than 20 people were involved. A spokesman for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department said responders focused on an area where the California Highway Patrol had encountered a possible electronic device.

“Unfortunately, nothing has been found leading to the discovery of Mr. Sands,” it said. In view of a storm, the search would be delayed for some time. “Our aim is to bring Mr Sands’ family to a conclusion and if we can we will try again.” The British actor was on the way to Mount San Antonio – a popular summit for hikers in summer, a great challenge in winter. ***

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