Julien Bert and Hilona Gos (Objective Rest of the World) separated "definitely"

The announcement rocked the Web … After two years of relationship, Julien Bert and Hilona Gos, reality TV stars, have decided to end their relationship. The young woman assured that this time there would be “no return” …

It is sometimes said that the heart has its reasons that reason ignores … And enter Julien Bert and Hilona Gos, reason prevailed over heart! In a relationship for two years, the two reality TV candidates have officially announced their “final” break. Yet all had started well for the young people: after a real Thunderbolt on the set of Princes and Princesses of Love that viewers had been able to follow on television in 2019, the lovebirds had moved in together to live the great love … But a few months later, a first separation had occurred, leaving fans very disappointed. Julien had finally won back his beauty with grand declarations.

Hilona formalizes the break with Julien

On a trip to Italy and Greece, Julien and Hilona seemed to have reunited for good. That it was not therefore the surprise of Internet users by discovering the breaking videos of the young woman on Instagram a few days ago … “We have decided by mutual agreement to go our separate ways. There will be no going back this time. We have weighed the pros and cons. There is too much suffering. We hurt each other a lot. Love is not enough. You have to know how to say ‘stop’ even if it’s hard. When you hurt yourself more than anything else, you have to start better. It is a difficult decision but it must be taken “, explained the pretty Corsica, revealed in season 2 of the show 10 Perfect Couples in 2017.

Julien and Hilona separated because of Océane El Himer?

If the reasons given by Hilona are very clear, would another candidate be indirectly (or almost) at the origin of the end of the couple? While The Marseillais VS The Rest of the World 6 is being broadcast on W9, Hilona attends the images of the merger between Julien Bert and Océane El Himer. Freshly single at the time of filming, the thirty-something succumbed to the charm of Marine’s twin … before biting his fingers bitterly. What hurt the beautiful brunette, especially since he would not have told her everything after their reconciliation. “This girl, we’ve talked about it before. He spoke badly of her. He said that she was not beautiful, not respectable and that he would not touch her with a stick. When I knew he was was in a relationship with her, I was shocked. When we got out, I asked him to tell me everything. He swore to me that he didn’t promise him anything, that he told him he just wanted to have a good time and that he didn’t give him hope and didn’t go too far. When I see everything, I laugh, but it’s the nerves!“, she continued in story Instagram.

Julien Bert talks about the breakup

A few days earlier, Julien Bert had already expressed himself on his regretted attitude with Océane in the show: “It’s bullshit that hurts. Who can hurt people, who hurt me too to see this again. It was bullshit it was out of pride, out of bitterness. That’s when it hurts in love we do bullshit. And that’s the guys, we guys are stupid. Above all, not to be reproduced. I regret terribly. But we want to sting the other, we want to prove things to each other “.

After Hilona spoke, he in turn broke the silence. “Je think we made it to the end of the end. I think we exhausted, wrung out this relationship and it’s a shame because there was a lot of love. It flipped because there are a lot of things that I expected from her and that she did not do and it is surely the same thing in the other direction for her “, assured the friend of Nikola Lozina. A decision well considered on both sides … Until the next reunion?

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