Juliette performs with Mari Antunes at Carnival in Salvador

Singer Juliette performs with Mari Antunes, from Babado Novo, this Tuesday (21st) – the last day of Carnival in Salvador. The former BBB arrived at the Bahian trio around 5 pm and her silver look caught the attention of fans.

The cactus queen was wearing a beaded dress, hair accessories and glittery make-up. Alongside security guards, she interacted with journalists and fans.

The Wow Block! Tea with Boldness parades at Circuito Dodô (Barra/Ondina). “We are going to put on a beautiful show full of energy, the way only Babado knows how to do it”, commented excited Mari Antunes.

The attraction passed through 3 other capitals – Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo – and will close the carnival parades in Salvador, in the biggest popular party on the planet.

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