Juliette reveals cause of death of grandmother during Carnival

Juliette revealed, this Saturday (25), the cause of her grandmother’s death, which happened last Thursday (22). On social media, the artist said that Dona Maria suffered a heart attack, despite being very healthy. The BBB21 champion was on the 21st in Salvador celebrating Carnival with the band Babado Novo.

About the loss, the sister said: “I’m already at home, I was more in my place as a daughter and granddaughter these days. I saw a lot of people asking what was the cause of Grandma’s death and she had a heart attack, but she didn’t have any health problems. She was healthy, trained every day, more than that, danced, swam… In short, very healthy ”she said.

Juliette even said that her grandmother fulfilled her mission on earth.

“Father from heaven called, everything was very fast, but she fulfilled her mission here and left very important things for the whole family. Integrity, honesty, mainly strength, because the ‘veinha’ was tough, it was strong and that’s what we’re going to take. Everything she left us, a little piece of her in each one. I think the biggest lesson my grandmother brought me is optimism, in the face of all circumstances, she was there, optimistic, strong, not giving up. And I will take this strength and courage with me on my way until we meet again”, reflected the singer.

After talking about the lessons she learned from her grandmother, Juliette said that she will forever carry her memory in her heart and would take care of herself because she has a viral condition.

“I had just arrived from Salvador’s Carnival and had a lot of things to tell you. I was very euphoric, very happy, but I was unusually tired. Then I rested one day, very nauseous, dizzy, blood pressure dropping… then the other day Grandma’s thing happened and I felt really bad and I thought it was emotional. But I didn’t stop feeling sick and the trip was horrible, ”she said.

“I arrived yesterday and two doctors came to examine me and I have a virus, very dehydrated, so I took serum, medication, my stomach hurts. So I’m going to be quieter these days, resting, but everything is fine. There are a lot of people sick after this Carnival, but I didn’t even drink, I only drank one day. It was more the rush, the immunity lowered and the emotional too”, completed.

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