There will be a second season of The Verón Tiger. The premiere was confirmed for Sunday, October 17 after 11 p.m. by El thirteen. With the absence in several chapters of Marco Antonio Caponi, the fiction will try to surpass the first installment that was successful.

In dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen for, “Mitre Live”, Juan Chavez indicated: “I have the good fortune to tell you that I think the second season is going to tie or improve the first. The viewer is going to run into a very funny Verón Tiger, with a lot of action and a lot of intrigue. Part of the new cast. Is Pipo Luque among other new colleagues “.

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Regarding his role as a trade unionist, the actor explained: “For me it was a great learning experience to transcend the object of which it is said that it is a very media object such as a trade unionist. A contemporary object, a being that one sees and palpitates. ”“ And that fiction can be installed in the place of fiction and that it can transcend any fact or real person to the point that people have a new trade unionist called El Tigre Verón , that there is no trade unionist who exists but that the program builds, entertains and that for me transcends the real.

Then he said: “A great opponent appears to Tigre Verón, Pipo Luque. And there is Delgado too. Another Verón Tiger appears who fights with the Verón Tiger. That illuminates the program a lot. It is very good, I am very happy because it is a beautiful team. One of the nice things, which makes me proud in this case, is that the team really wants to finish it, but not only to recover a job but also because of the affection and dedication, the artistic look put into the work..”

On the second round of fiction he declared: “It hurt us a lot not to be able to show a fact like Tigre Verón 2 and I know how happy the team is because it comes back.” “They are finally going to do six chapters. Caponi will be there but the story will not end as it was going to end because he cannot do it or whatever“.

Finally, he indicated: “Not only the cast, crew, the director of photography that you can’t find here on the way back, the director, in short. It was put together in a way that even if Caponi wasn’t there, it could be finished. Fundamental was Pipo Luque, luckily he found a way to finish it. I don’t know if the cast got mad at Caponi. Much less am I going to worry about what happens to them. The only thing I communicated was the joy of returning. I contacted Sofia Gala and with Andrea Pietra. I don’t see 360 ​​degrees and maybe a hell of a mess broke out behind me but I don’t know ”, concluded.

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