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The interpreter was present in the conversation program of Channel 13 where he recalled his television debut in the 2004 soap opera

The actor referred to his screen debut.

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© Channel 13 / Instagram.The actor referred to his screen debut.

The actor and participant of MasterChef, Julio Milostich, was present in the program led by Martín Cárcamo, “The 5 commandments”, where he revealed his experience working on the hippie soap opera and what it was like to work with Jorge Zabaleta.

While reviewing some scenes from the 2004 fiction, Cárcamo pointed out: “You would think that the actors don’t get nervous. Did you get nervous? “

Julio revealed that he did, also revealing an anecdote with Jorge Zabaleta. “I mean, the scene turned out pretty good, years that I hadn’t seen it. But (Jorge) Zabaleta, I love him very much, a great guy, I hated him for a while, because I don’t know if it was before this scene or after This scene from Hippie, Zabaleta turned around, we were like dressing in the dressing room, and he stares at me “.

Then he added: “‘Is it the first television series I did, or not?’ ‘Yes’. ‘Ah, it shows, because you were shivering, you are shivering all over. I looked like a basket of guatitas, weón ‘. And I ‘this conch …’ And I was trying to concentrate and that nothing webiara me, and this jerk comes with that self-confidence, and I more nervous than I do not know what“.

The interpreter explained that the situation was temporary and that he has great affection for the actor. But time passed. And you have to catch that Jorge is a tremendous person. Heaps have been exceeded. He is a great television actor. I have not seen it in theater. But I am very fond of him. And he told me how they were. We were both in the dressing room, that day we both recorded ”, revealed the actor.

“And what happened in Punta Arenas when you did that scene with Carola Arregui?”Asked Martín.

To which Milostich, who is a native of the Magellan capital, points out: “I don’t know what happened in Punta Arenas, but it was hard for me to do television because I came from the world of theater. The theater was moving there and jumping there. ‘Ok, now look over there.’ And I really felt like a prisoner … I wanted to do well. I wanted it to come out too well for me. “

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