Mexico City.- Last August Julio Preciado He was admitted to the hospital due to the rupture of a vessel in his eye, so he began to lose his sight but fortunately everything was controlled and the singer came out ahead.

Now, the famous band interpreter left everyone speechless after appearing in front of the cameras of the program “Windowing“sporting a radical change of look; with a healthy face, Preciado was happy and confessed to having lost 35 kilos.

Julio Preciado confesses in Ventaneando. Photo: Special.

In the most famous room in Mexico, Pati chapoy conducted the interview with Julio Preciado, who assured that he is very happy after undergoing a process to lose weight:

I am very happy with my progress, he no longer cried when he saw me in the mirror, now I cry because all my clothes are going away, “he said with a laugh.

The singer originally from Mazatlan, revealed that he underwent a procedure, specifically a “restrictive type bariatric surgery”, with the aim of having the well-known gastric band placed to help him lose weight. And he added that he feels like a new person and is ready for a new tour with Banda El Recodo.

It should be noted that this procedure consists of putting an inflatable band around the upper portion of the stomach, which helps to lose extra pounds. A goal that is easy to achieve because the ligament generates a small reserve that limits the amount of food that the person eats to feel satisfied.

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