No stunt for Kangaroos Mechelen on the first day of the EuroCup Women. The Maneblusser lost after an exciting match against Valencia. The Spanish team won the EuroCup last season.

In the first slide it was mainly Becky Massey who followed the Kangaroos Mechelen from Valencia. The Belgian Cat scored the first seven points for the Maneblussers. After an intense first quarter (4-3 and 9-11), Valencia still had a 15-19 bonus in their pocket. In the second slide, Valencia was a bit stronger via Angela Salvadores and Celeste Trahan-Davis (ex-Castors Braine). After a 24-26 score, that resulted in a 28-36 lead halfway through.

Kangaroos came out of the dressing room sharp and led by Becky Massey and Eline Maesschalck-Cornand with a razor-sharp 11-1 intermediate sprint: 39-37. Kangaroos had the momentum and walked away in the closing phase of the third quarter to a 49-43 (21-7 third quarter) lead.

The Mechelen ladies also remained in the lead 51-48 in the final slide via a handsome Becky Massey, Billie Massey with rebounds and a bomb from Lut De Meyer. Kangaroos, however, did not receive some dubious decisions from the trio of referees and Valencia reacted alertly. Rebecca Allen made it 56-63 after 54-50. The Spanish intermediate sprint hurt and Kangaroos had no reaction so that the Spanish team eventually triumphed.

Kangaroos Mechelen 59-67 Valencia

kangaroos Mechelen: Van Gils 0, De Meyer 6, Katanic 8, Billiaert , Vervaet 4, Resimont 12, Maesschalck-Cornand 3, Bruydoncx , Becky Massey 18, De Munck , Harris 4, Billie Massey 4

Quartz: 15-19, 13-17, 21-7, 10-14


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