Justice prohibits Titi Müller from pronouncing her ex’s name on the web

Titi Müller cannot pronounce the name of her ex-husband Tomás Bertoni, on social networks. The presenter gave details about the situation in an interview to the videocast “Sorry Something”, from UOL.

“There is an injunction that my ex-husband asked for, so that I would not mention him — and people in his family — on a social network under a fine. So this is absolutely unconstitutional. Anyway, I’m there under a gag”, she explained in conversation with the writer Tati Bernardi.

The two split in 2021 after two years of marriage. Titi and Tomás are the parents of little Benjamim, 3 years old.

It is worth mentioning that the journalist denounced the member of the rock band Scalene of physical violence. According to her, some aggressions happened after the end of the relationship. The process involving the former couple is under secrecy.

“We are talking about a person who is in a situation of violence. She has some actions, not just one action and we are acting in this action that is investigating domestic violence narrated by our client, as well as a civil action, linked to the violence that was also narrated by the victim”, said the lawyer Ana Carolina Fleury to GloboNews.

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