Justice suspends contempt proceedings against André Gonçalves

		Justice suspends contempt proceedings against André Gonçalves
Photo: TV Globo

André Gonçalves, 47 years old, achieved a victory in court. The actor, who since 2018 responds to the charge of contempt and resistance to arrest, had the cases suspended for 2 years after an instruction hearing at the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro.

The information is from the Quem magazine website. According to the publication, the process in question refers to a case from 2018, when the former global player resisted arrest and defied police after refusing to pay the bill at a bar in Rio.

André even argued with local officials and cursed the police officers who gave him an arrest warrant. To the website, André’s lawyer, Sylvio Guerra, explained the defense that resulted in the suspension of the case.

“There was an innocent drunkenness. In fact, he doesn’t remember having defied the police. So, I requested his summary acquittal, since he did not defy the police of his own free will. It all happened because of the mixture of medicine and alcohol.”

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In addition to this problem with the Justice, in 2022, André was arrested in Benfica, Rio de Janeiro, for owing more than R$ 450 thousand in child support to his two daughters.

The actor was released the next day after a custody hearing and served a 60-day sentence at home, with an electronic anklet.

In September last year, the veteran revealed that he reached an agreement with his daughter for child support. According to the newspaper ‘O Globo’, the agreement involved recording a video in which he had to say that the daughter tried to avoid her father’s arrest and to recant for the statements made against her.


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