Justin Bieber concert in Portugal was canceled | Music

Canadian musician Justin Bieber’s concert in Portugal, which had been postponed to a new date, was finally cancelled, revealed the Altice Arena concert hall in Lisbon.

The musician had planned a performance on January 21 of this year, which was postponed to a new date, which should have yet to be confirmed, but the show ended up being cancelled, making it possible to request a refund of the ticket until March 28.

On social media, Altice Arena explains that the refund can be requested “at the point of sale where the purchase was made upon presentation of the ticket and respective payment receipt”.

The postponement of the tour Justice World Tourwhich included a visit to Lisbon, was released last October, with the artist claiming health issues, after being diagnosed with Ramsay-Hunt syndrome.

Justin Bieber, 29, performed in Lisbon in November 2016, on his previous world tour, entitled Purpose and which added more than 2.7 million viewers globally.

In January of this year, the Canadian artist sold the rights to his music catalog to the British company Hipgnosis, for 200 million dollars (about 184 million euros).

The deal included more than 290 Bieber songs published by the end of 2021, such as hits Baby, sorry It is love yourselfrevealed the British company in a statement.

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