“Kaiser Karl” series: Daniel Brühl becomes Karl Lagerfeld on Disney +

*** Update from 03/09/2023: The streaming service Disney+ has the cast of coming “Kaiser Karl” series announced. None other than the German Hollywood export hit Daniel Brühl (44) becomes the eccentric fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (1933-2019) play in it. In addition to numerous French actors, the German actress Sunnyi Melles (64) to be seen.

Daniel Brühl is enthusiastic about his new role in a first statement: “Being able to play the iconic character Karl Lagerfeld is a gift and a fantastic challenge.” He is currently filming in Paris, in Lagerfeld’s adopted home, and moving “in a complex world” in the 70s, “which is about much more than just fashion”. “The fact that Disney+ is sending me on this journey as a German actor fills me with great joy and pride,” Brühl continued. ***

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