Kang the Conqueror: Is the MCU villain a new Thanos?

Kang’s comic career

Kang’s real name is actually Nathaniel Richards and he made his first appearance in cartoon form as Kang in September 1964 in The Avengers #8. But this statement must be put into perspective once again: There Kang is a time traveler, there are different versions of him from different times. Hence he appeared under the name of Rama-Tut already appeared in “Fantastic Four #19” in October 1963.

Originally, Richards was a 31st-century scientist who possessed breakthrough technology that allowed him to time travel across the multiverse. In ancient Egypt he became Pharaoh Rama-Tut, on a journey into the post-apocalyptic 40th century, he subdued the few surviving humans and for this reason took the name Kang the Conqueror.

As he continued to travel through time, he gradually conquered more and more empires and galaxies and created new variants of himself.

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