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According to colleague Matheus Medeiros, part of Glorioso, the new sponsor will be Volt Sports, which would have entered with the best proposal and the model desired by the top management in General Severiano

Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo - Kappa is expected to leave Botafogo by the end of the year and Volt Sports is the favorite
Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo – Kappa is expected to leave Botafogo by the end of the year and Volt Sports is the favorite

After granting access and the title of Series B, the Botafogo It’s already starting to think about 2022. Pending issues involving the cast, the renewal of Enderson Moreira, reinforcements, all of this is on the agenda from now on. A subject that is yielding a lot on social networks since last Wednesday (24) is the departure of Kappa at the end of the season. According to the colleague Matheus Medeiros, Volt Sports will be the new supplier of Glorious.

Volt was curiously founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Joinville (SC). Even though it is new to the market, the supplier already works with América-MG, present in the Series A, in addition to CSA, Remo, Figueirense and Botafogo-SP. According to Medeiros, the Alvinegra board liked the values ​​and model of the offer, in which it believes it will considerably increase its revenue from shirt sales.

Before the Volt, Botafogo even talked to Fila, a former sponsor from 2009 to 2011, but the debt to the Dass group, which owns the brand, weighed against the agreement. Remember that the Santa Catarina supplier and the club will only announce the partnership after the end with Kappa.

On Twitter, the subject became a fever among Botafogo residents. There was a portion of the more conservative ones who defended the maintenance with Kappa, even because the Botafogo uniform is considered, by far, one of the most beautiful in Brazil, but also the defenders of the alteration, especially in terms of values.

In a recent interview with GIVE, the general vice president of Botafogo, Vinicius Assumpção, commented on details about the dispute. “We are receiving several proposals and all are on the table being evaluated. It is true that Volt is one of the companies. By virtue of a contract, Kappa has the right to a deadline for response, etc., so there is still no decision. There is a negotiation process. and we are seeing what is best for the club. We want a company that embraces everything.”

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