Karagiannis: We hope that the cases in schools do not develop into chains

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine appears to have reduced efficacy over time, according to Israeli data.

Speaking to Sections in Events, Dr. Petros Karagiannis said that Israel’s findings gave the first warning about the immunity caused by vaccines, while now the company itself is coming to confirm it with its own studies.

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He continued: “A study by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki showed that people who had been vaccinated, their antibody levels after 6 months were reduced by half those of those who had immediately after vaccination.”

He went on to refer to cases now found in nursing homes, explaining that the first people to be vaccinated with both doses could be infected with the virus but fortunately their symptoms are mild and do not require hospitalization, “we hope that with the third dose we will prevent the infection of these people.

“The inmates of our nursing homes have already been vaccinated. At the moment, the immunosuppressed are vaccinated with the third dose and then the vulnerable groups take over and then the general population over 65 years old “said Dr. Karagiannis.

Speaking about the opening of schools, he said:

“Before the opening of the schools, a stabilization of cases was observed around 120 cases per day. Today’s number is a bit worrying but expected precisely because of the opening of schools. We hope that these cases will not develop into chains.

Of course in elementary school children are not tested they just have to apply the protocols and self-protection measures, but to be sure maybe a random sampling test should be done to know where we are.

In contrast, in secondary schools, things are a bit different because vaccinations have started. I hope they apply the protocols, not only at school but also in the evening activities “.

In closing, he stressed that 75% of the hospitalizations are unvaccinated people, clarifying that this is how things will continue.

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