Karol Conká and Juliette Freire
Karol Conká and Juliette Freire (Photos: Reproduction/Instagram/TV Globo)

Karol Conká surprised Internet users on duty this week by posting a video dancing and singing the song ‘Benzin’ by Juliette. At the time, the rapper opened a box of questions in her Instagram to find out about your followers: “What song makes you feel the breeze of nature?”.

That’s when a person put the song from Paraiba, available on their first EP, released recently. The fact drew attention, due to the disagreements between Karol and Juliette at the time of BBB 21. In the most watched house in Brazil, there were even speeches by the rapper considered to be prejudiced against the Northeastern accent of the champion of the edition.

video went viral

On the social networks, the video quickly went viral and divided opinions among internet users. Some believe in Karol Conká’s change and have even suggested a feat between her and Juliette. Others point out that the rapper was just making fun of the music from Paraíba. Check out some reactions:

“Legend that promotes who is coming”, fired a fan. “Mamacita, the best!”, commented a young man. “Mamacita does everything for the cacta, wow, not only did she give a story, a plot, an award, and now she’s going to make the career of the woman grow, charitable”, wrote another follower. “Her face doesn’t even burn”, pointed another Internet user. “I already want a feat between mamacita and Juliette”, asked another boy.

Karol Conká and Juliette became the subject of “Big Brother” in Portugal

The repercussion of bullshit between Karol Conká and Juliette at BBB 21 they have already crossed borders. About five months after the end of the reality show in Brazil, the issue has become a topic there at “Big Brother” in Portugal.

During a conversation, the participants António and Bruno commented with the group about the reality of the reality here in Brazil and they recalled phrases that marked Karol Conká’s passage through “BBB 21”.

“There, half are famous and half are anonymous. And this one (Karol), the rapper, MC, was famous and lost followers”, Antonio said, remembering the negative attitude of Conká on the reality show.

Inside everything that happened at BBB 21, including Karol’s rejection record, Bruno then gave his opinion.

“Completely crazy. Have you never seen the video ‘and if you don’t like it, put me on the wall’, ‘my tongue is like a whip’?”, said the boy, bringing up some iconic phrases of the singer, which became memes here in Brazil.

In another moment, it was Juliette’s turn to be remembered by the brothers of the Portuguese reality show. “Juliette, who was the one who won, came in with 3,000 or so followers and left with 40 million. In four months, imagine. It was a phenomenon”, he said, that ended up missing in the number of followers of the ex-BBB. In fact, she left with about 24 million fans on the social network and now has 32.5 million.

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