Karolina Sarasua from Osasuna receives degrading messages: 'Let's go to the dressing room and ...'

Madrid Spain.- In the last match against SD New Mountain, the soccer player of Osasuna, Carolina Sarasua 17-year-old received degrading messages from fans and they said: ‘Let’s go to the locker room and …, ‘Pull up your shirt to show me the …, among other sexist phrases.

In their social networks, Mai Garde released the arbitration report of the match between SD Nueva Montaña and Osasuna, where the insults he received were reflected Karolina Sarasua by fans.

I’m going to … “,” Let’s go to the locker room and … “,” Your mother … “, they told Karolina Sarasua.

Given this, Mai Garde assured that footballers should no longer tolerate degrading situations, so she sent support to her partner, Karolina.

Karolina Sarasua thanks for support

After spreading the insults he received Karolina Sarasua, the messages of repudiation arrived for those who made them, as well as the messages of support towards the also selected one from Spain, for which she thanked her.

Thank you very much to all of you for your support, I hope this type of insult will end as soon as possible because I do not wish anyone everything that I / we have experienced today ”, Sarasua explained.

Apart from Mai Garde, Maria white from Osasuna, Ruben Garcia and Juan Cruz of Osasuna manly, sent their support to Karolina Sarasua, who thanked each one for their words.

Karolina Sarasua was also a Muay Thai champion for Spain.

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