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The tax team is joined by lawyers such as Christian Aste, Loreto Pelegrí, Carlos Boada and Juan Alberto Pizarro, while Ignacio Briones declined to join the technical staff.

The command of the candidate of the Christian Social Front, José Antonio Kast, is working at full speed on the incorporation of the new members of the economic team, with a view to making substantive adjustments to his programmatic proposal for the second round on December 19.

According to sources from the command, it is expected that this week the new signings will be announced, not ruling out even that they will be publicly reported this same day.

The same sources assure that the technical cadres not only belong to the Chilean Podemos Más sector, but also seek to add people from the former Concertation, as the standard-bearer himself has transmitted.

Kast indicated yesterday that “we presented a government program and today we are welcoming and talking with all the leaders and we also make a call to the people of the Radical Party and the DC. There is space to sit down and talk, there are no topics that cannot be discussed, that will be the hallmark of the government. We are working on a government plan and there is a team on that issue ”.

The former parliamentarian refers to the hard core of the economic cadre of the campaign, made up of Eduardo Guerrero, Cecilia Cifuentes, Carlos Gómez and Magdalena Brzovic, who yesterday afternoon met at the command to determine the final list of incorporations, which include the former Undersecretary of Economy, Tomás Flores, and economist Jorge Hermann, both from Joaquín Lavín’s team; Gabriela Clivio, who was the tax coordinator, and lawyers Christian Aste, Carlos Boada, Loreto Pelegrí and Juan Alberto Pizarro, as well as Patricio Rojas, who led the economic team, would join the ex-command of Sebastián Sichel. There would also be the former vice president of the Central Bank, Sebastián Claro, although in a secondary role and focused on specific issues.

Who will not arrive at the command will be the former presidential candidate and former Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, whom they contacted, but declined to join. This decision has already been communicated to the Kast team.


Yesterday, the standard-bearer indicated that the final program will be known “soon”, a milestone that will materialize before the official start of the second round campaign, which starts on December 4.

“By that date we are going to show our government plan, clearly we are going to make adjustments and embrace issues that for some are complex, but not for us,” he said.

Kast thanked the support of the UDI -which joined without conditions- and Evópoli, although the latter party said yesterday that they hope to see changes in the program of the Christian Social Front standard-bearer and that they will not participate in a possible government of the former legislator and that their support is to “vote against the PC and the Broad Front.”

The candidate stated that those who want to work for the future of Chile in the second round will be welcomed and that “another issue is when a government is installed, we want to build a majority. If someone makes a different decision, we are delighted to welcome them to the government ”.

Aggression in the Mirror

During the morning of yesterday Kast had to suspend an activity where he would address his health proposals in the Lo Espejo commune, after two of his advisers were attacked and insulted by people who, in his opinion, arrived in an organized way to boycott the encounter, from which he had to withdraw.

The candidate indicated that “we have a councilor from the DR, from the Broad Front, who settled in the same place where I was going to speak to make a kind of very aggressive press point.”

In the middle of his speech, he took the opportunity to target his contender, Gabriel Boric, whom he summoned for voting against the expansion of the state of exception in the macro-southern zone.

“Not only does he have to speak, but he also has to act, because sayings are proven by facts. And today (yesterday) in the morning he voted against the victims of terrorism in the entire area of ​​Arauco and La Araucanía ”, said the candidate.


The deputy elected by the Republican Party, Johannes Kaiser, resigned from the party after criticism received for his statements on social networks against women and migrants.

The elected parliamentarian had been passed to the supreme court of the party and yesterday, “after a process of reflection”, he resigned so as not to affect Kast’s candidacy, of whom he said “he is innocent of all the sayings I ever made.”



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