Katala: "I know what the derby with Anorthosis means"

A press conference ahead of Monday’s derby with Anorthosis was given by David Katala. The coach of AEK stressed that his team approaches the game, like everything else, he said he was happy with his players, for the people who sold out the tickets for “Antonis Papadopoulos”, but also for Thiago.

“Derby time. Nothing changes for us, we will see it like all other games. Our approach does not change. We look forward to Monday’s game. In the locker room nothing has changed and the match is as important as the rest “

How did he manage to present a close-knit team despite the many transfers? “It is very easy for me to coach such players. To be honest I had some doubts about the last moves. But I am very satisfied with all the players. It is a great job. I am lucky to have them on the pitch. From day one in “Team have shown that they have the … vision. They grow up every day through hard work.”

Is this a title game with Anorthosis? “It’s too early, the road is long. I do not like to talk about titles, there is a long way to go. It is three points and we are concentrating on them.”

On the importance of the victory: “I know what the derby with Anorthosis means. For us this game is the same as the rest. Nothing has changed with our preparation. It is easy for me to motivate the players for this game.”

On the exhaustion of tickets from the world: “It’s nice. We are stronger with them. The greater the support, the stronger we become as a team.”

For the dynamics of Anorthosis in “A. Papadopoulos”: “It is one of the strongest teams in the league. It takes a lot of power from its people. It will be very difficult, we will have to be focused, to have the right decisions, to have calm. “The numbers for Anorthosis show that. It only has victories at home.”

For Thiago? “He is training with the team. Yes he is ready. He has been out of training for a long time and he needs time to reach 100%. We need him. The good news is that he is ready. He works every day to help us.”

Has psychological preparation been done? “The players need to be focused. It is easy to motivate them for these derbies. They know what they have to do, they know what to expect. We have prepared as always.”

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